For many of our students, studying abroad is a life-changing experience. Spending a semester, a full year, or a summer abroad can deepen your understanding of business and offer an inspirational change of perspective. As a Rotman Commerce student, you can go on a semester or year-long exchange at one of our over one hundred partner universities around the world. Or you could choose to take a three to six week long course through the Summer Abroad program, which offers a number of courses - including ones in commerce - every summer at universities throughout Europe and Asia. 

the Benefits of international study

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I learned how to step outside of my comfort zone.  I arrived at Bocconi having no friends, living off campus, and not having many expectations. While at first this was intimidating, I wanted this to be the best experience and I did everything to make that possible. I traveled to 10 European countries, made friends from all over the world, and experienced many cultures. After my exchange, I realized how confident I had become both socially and personally. I also gained more independence and had the courage to try new things.

- Julia Covello, Class of 2018
Exchange Student, Bocconi University in Milan, Fall 2016

While the choice to study abroad is a personal one, taking advantage of international study opportunities can be of the most memorable parts of your time at university. You get a chance to see the world, experience different styles of education, learn about a new culture, possibly improve your language skills, strengthen your resume, make new friends, and most importantly, learn more about yourself. 

Where can i go? 

Where you study depends largely on whether you choose to do an international exchange or if you choose to take a course through the Summer Abroad program. 

International Exchange Programs
The Centre for International Experience (CIE) at U of T will help you organize your exchange. As a Rotman Commerce student, you are eligible to apply for exchange programs at over one hundred of our partner universities in 40+ countries. If you decide that  an international exchange is for you, you will work with our academic advisors, the CIE, and the partner institution you choose to attend to ensure that you get transfer credits for the coursework you complete while abroad. In addition, the CIE can help you out with resources for housing and provide information on financial aid for which you might be eligible. 

Summer Abroad Program

The University's Summer Abroad program is administered through Woodsworth College - but don't worry, the program is open to students from all colleges! With Summer Abroad, you complete a U of T credit, taught by a U of T instructor, at one of our partner institutions. Each year, a number of commerce courses are offered - but many of our students also choose to complete Arts & Science credits - such as second languages, politics, or history - through Summer Abroad.